Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wool love and op shop trawl

Yesterday I spent the day traipsing around West Auckland visiting op shops with a friend. (and I dropped off another 3 boxes of stuff to the first one:) )

There wasn't a lot anywhere much in my opinion and although I came across buckets of knitting needles , few seemed to be pairs! There was virtually no wool or gorgeous linen or woollen blankets at any. ( we want woollen blankets to make things for the school gala.)
I found a H and M cord skirt, some DMC wool, one dressing table mat and 2 pairs of knitting needles. And a ok which I started and finished last night!
It also showed me how many struggling people we do have out there - many, many Maori and Pasifika families buying lots.

I did some impulse wool buying at Knit World on Great North Road in Henderson - lots of lovely stuff there and some gorgeous English wool and re- cycled cotton too. I will start knitting a pot holder from the new "30 minutes knits" I got yesterday. One ball will go to England eventually for a swap. Not that I needed any of this wool, but it must start to get colder soon... Today I am in a mini skirt and t- shirt...

Love the morning autumn light...
Is anyone knitting anything ?

Off to Kelly Tarltons Aquarium - we have not been there for many years....

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