Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 1 April 2013

Wool sort

Today while rummaging through stuff I decided that that was it and I was going to have a tower of my wool in the bedroom and the wool all in one place!
I was all set to go and buy another tower, when i decided to look in Ryan's room - i did a re-arrangement of shelves there and a couple of shelves in a hallway cupboard and voila - moved the shelving unit into a corner of my bedroom.
The scrapbooking trolley that was there had to find a new home...

Took me a while to sort through the bins and baskets and paper bags of wool up in the attic and bring them all down..

I am thrilled with the results - all my sock and 4 ply wool on one shelve and then lots and lots of 8 ply and a few whole packets of balls.

It will be so much easier to see what I have and if I really do need to go to a wool shop to buy some more....

Bless the husband too, because once I had sorted it, he has not said one word about the volume... (actually it really seemed to take up more room in the attic and does not look too bad to me here...)

I still have a rather large basket of wool in the attic, butit is small balls, odds and ends - lots from op shops when I was going through a crocheting blankets and squares stage . (must get back onto that one day!)

That then led onto a trip back to the attic to sort through some stuff, pile stuff up for a gala and a clothing bag collection at school.
And a sort of my sewing stuff - I now have one bag bin with all my fabric in it and another with sewing stuff like ribbons, needles, hoops etc etc

A great days work! One more day of the Easter break too.

How do you all sort wool/ sewing stuff?


  1. It is always nice to have a sort and tidy up of the stash - I have to admit I am sometimes slightly shocked at how much fabric, ribbon and cardmaking supplies I have accumulated. I always hope my husband doesn't say anything.

  2. I think you have your own little wool shop thereKimberley, I love a good sort out!