Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mess all round

The front pile for the school gala (or op shop if I really get sick of it!) grows and grows.

I have a problem though - am far too sentimental and find it hard through many baby toys/ first board games etc away. And books. On the books. The many, many, many books I just cannot throw away. At least the attic looks a bit tidier but I haven't finished.

And believe it or not, the table was cleared for dinner after a few days of scrapbooking - lots and lots of simple pages done and a new album (around number 30 now.. I do "Creative Memories" style ) too. Photos all down but a lot of writing to do - I will attempt this in the April school hols.

Back to school tomorrow - 13 more days of school and then another 2 weeks off :)

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