Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The roundabout

I'd love to jump off the round about! Things have been crazy!

*parent teacher interviews - one of the lovely teachers went and got me a cup of tea and biscuits as I had missed lunch that day!(got home after school at 4pm then back at next school from 4.30 to 6.30pm!)

*running a scholastic book fair all by myself (as well as returning and issuing books at same time - can be up to 60- 100 books per class or even more with years 7/8 though they do self issue!)

*Doing an 10 hour day at school!

*school board meetings

*fab to seeRyan get a certificate at school yesterday!

*one kid has soccer 4 times a week, futsal, trumpet twice a week, scouts and running club (I am exhausted just reading this! Thankfully he now has 3 weeks of school hols!)

*knitting a wee bit - some nights I did no knitting due to tiredness - so NOT me! Loving how my cardigan is knitting up!

*behind with letter writing - only have 3 to answer but starting a letter and not finishing it till days or weeks later... Yikes ! (I have several new pen friends and my letterbox has been empty ... :(.    )

*one more week till school hols

*I have started another Maggie Rabbit too!

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  1. If only we could hibernate for winter too. Congrats to your young fellow on his certificate. Roll on the holidays!