Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Goodies from Christchurch

April gave me a fantastic weekend in Christchurch taking me to places that had my favourite things!

Ballantynes for stationery - this has to have the biggest and best range I have ever seen in New Zealand anywhere! Very very impressed! Bought a sweet set of notecards. (photos way down at the bottom!)

A yummy lunch at the Make Cafe and spending my voucher I won months ago on some fat quarters.
Ooh that caramel slice took me 3 goes to finish it over the next day! I love the table markers of knitting needles.

I made my April these fingerless gloves too - enough wool left over (sent from my dear sister in law in Switzerland) to make myself a pair too.

A sweet pin cushion from a gorgeous shop in the ReStart Mall. (oops forgot its name!!)

Wool. Of course wool! From Knit World. Does anyone else know of any other wool shops in Christchurch? I found another one in Bush Inn, but that is all my knowledge extends to.

And books. These few are for my collection and I bought a whole lot more for school too! Lots more! The fantastic Children's Bookshop. It was quite funny - I had the lady looking up to see if my school had an account and she goes " I know you. You won a school library award!". Yes - that is me!
And I recognised her name too from the NZ school librarians e- mail list serve. So funny - shows you what a tiny country New Zealand is! I'm known all around New Zealand! Hee hee. April said I was very modest. :) 
And a couple more at Scorpios bookshop.

And I bought the gorgeous "City of Christchurch" rose bush back with me - hand luggage on the plane below my feet - no air hostess I cannot put this under the seat nor in an overhead locker.....

A fantastic weekend and I helped to support a great little city too!

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  1. Wow, famous, thats great. Your adventure looks amazing, just love all those crafty and stationery pictures,
    Joy xx