Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In pictures

Enjoying my Twinings Australian afternoon tea. Tea is always one  thing I bring home from overseas!
The gorgeous mat was made by Tracey from"Mad About Bags" blog in a blog swap last year. Gorgeous!

Starting my university paper. So much reading / note taking. So much information. So so so daunting to me! First essay question already up on my wall. After only four days I THINK I have an argument n y head for which way to go. Yay. (oh I hope!!) And past exam papers already printed and using questions as part of note taking already...

What beautiful blossoms outside my window too.

The pile of bought, but unread books, next to the bed grows....


  1. Hi there, thank you for joining in the Christmas swap! You have been partnered with Mezz from the blog Mezz Makes Stuff - more details and links etc on my blog. Happy swapping!
    Marianne x

  2. Hi Kimberley! Thought i'd pop by here and reply! The two books are:



  3. Glad to see the mug rug being out to good use xx
    Can you email me your address as I have finally penned a letter xx

  4. hi there!mezz here..excited to be doing a swap with you and finding ur blog!do u want to send me an email so we can exchange info and addresses etc that way?