Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 12 November 2013


Last few days-

Gala. Huge success. Boxes and boxes of books left over.

A few rows of knitting.

Very little stitching done.

Part way through my ornament making for my NZ ornament swap.

Part way through making/ buying for NZ Christmas blog swap person.

Too much emotional stuff to deal with children. I have no energy to deal with it. Driving me nuts.

End of school year madness. Hunting for stuff. Not my favourite time of the year.

Cannot be bothered with food or cooking.

Cannot really be bothered with Christmas really. Quite over stuff. My kids need not a thing. Walking round the shops does not interest me much.  Hate the nonsense that goes on trying to get all the family together. Hate that you apparently have to get together because it is Christmas! Why? Don't see anyone much during the year... 

University paper started. Have actually done stuff every day for it. Even if it is half an hour to an hour. That is good.

Mostly all good. Just tired. 

Misplaced my photo download thing for I- pad and room relatively tidy too! :)

Loving watching vege garden grow. And blossoms on the tree.

How is your week?

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  1. Make sure you look after yourself during this busy time, sometimes you have to take a step back from christmas and just work out what you want to do and not what pleases everyone else. Sending you a friendly hug across the seas xx