Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent Swap

Oh this is so much fun! Every morning I wake up, read my e- mails, look at the New Zealand Herald website, the bank website :) and then open my wee gift sent by the lovely Elaina of A Little Bit Country website fame.

These are my fabulous items on days 1-4 -

My favourite NZ magazine - the Christmas issue is divine;
The most gorgeous peachy coloured Christmas decoration which I am certain Elaina made (the light in the photos is not great due to our wet weather!);
Gorgeous vintage mats (adore!) and
Twine - perfect for the Christmas gifts which are still to be purchased!!

My recipient has not blogged about her goodies yet, so I will let you know another time the items I have sent her.

I have also started to receive other swaps which are fab too!

And history essay driving my craaaazy - ick footnotes!


  1. I have now :) Thank you!!!!!

  2. Glad you are enjoying your pressies. How fun is it to wake up each morning to a pressie, Mr H is soooo jealous! xo

  3. those are lovely gifts, SO much fun isn't it :o) x

  4. nawww so lucky!! This advent swap is sooo much fun!!

  5. What lovely lovely gifts everyone is sending and receiving
    Loving seeing the gifts