Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 6 December 2013


I cannot stress how happy I am that it is the weekend. And that there is one more week of my school left.


Last two days have seen a 2.5 hour prizegiving - Kieran won the year 7 trophy for cross country - a surprise as he had already been awarded a certificate for it but still great! An amazing prizegiving in the Parnell Cathedral full of pomp and ceremony! 
Plus a school board meeting, drinks out, the realisation at 7.30am this morning that Ryan needed a plate for after Mass this morning - NO food in house (still complaints about that now and I am NOT going to the supermarket due to laziness and cannot be bothered state!) - run to dairy for bread to make egg sandwiches, dash him off to school them back home to pick up others and then attempt to find a car park in Parnell/ Newmarket (nightmare.)
Then back to my school near 1pm to be invited in a classroom for a scrumptious lunch which quite frankly saved me.

Home now to 4 basket loads of washing done from a week ago and about 5 more loads which I am currently washing. House is a tip...

Then futsal and then off to my school end of year dinner of which I will have a drink or two as I need it.

Then it will be a weekend of study and Christmas card writing - I feel so behind.....

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  1. Gosh....busy, busy, busy....enjoy your school end of year dinner, and I think you deserve a few drinks!! :)