Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


We are all over the place travelling through small town New Zealand. Currently in Feilding which I love. Have been to the NZ20 (New Zealand 20th) Scout Jamboree today over at Manfield Park and found Kieran and his troop. They look like they are having a whole lotta fun. Past few days - small town love. (BUT i do think it would drive me dippy living in one...) mortified at the substandard housing in various places Ratana - so thrilled to finally get there and see the temple (a great surprise when I saw the signpost) Taranaki Wars exhibit at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth Love Puke Ariki (museum/library in New Plymouth Marton love in just 2 little shops wool shops everywhere down here Quite a few balls of wool bought... The Warehouse visits in every location I see one - ONLY to run in to the front door, persue the book sale pile and run out with yet another new pile of $5 books for school (lucky students! Missing school...) Discovering Cameron's Blockhouse out of Whanganui Finding a copy of "Contested Land" - a great big beautiful book about the Land Wars in Taranaki - have borrowed library copy a lot and decided i had to own my own copy Time spent listeniing to Ryan read out loud to me every single day only because he is bored and only thing to do is read (YAY!) staying in my parents gorgeous house surrounded by handmade item buying postcards everywhere and posting them from the Scout Jamboree as they have their own special postmark which will be stamped on the last day of Jamboree lots of photos taken BUT will have to wait till home to download. Off to the Wairarapa tomorrow and Wellington. Happy new year to all! May it be full of writing, knitting, study, family, good times, health, good books, postcards, op shopping,travel, photography, friends, good food, yellow and orange things, teacups, fabric, cross stitching, new discoveries, gardening etc! xox

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  1. Happy New Year to you, hope all your dreams come true. Joy xx