Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year she says late!

BAck in town after  a ripper of a road trip from Auckland down through the Taranaki, New Plymouth, small towns, Wanganui, Feilding, Wellington, back to Feidling and back home today through Tamaranui etc.

Lots of fun, LOTS of knitting and A LOT of wool buying! Hello small town wool shops and Utiku near Taihape! Wow! Stashed away very quickly before husband saw it all together (he was with me when buying it all but oh my , it rather looks a lot here...)

Lots of photos/ adventures to come. Missing Kieran who is still at scout jamboree but he will be home tomorrow. Did catch up with him very quickly at Jamboree but what kid wants to know their mother there? Hee hee.

Love small town NZ!

Icons from around like the big gumboot in the gumboot capital of the world - Taihape;
The big carrot in Ohakune (thank goodness not black anymore!) and a few other things I loved around!
Tiles in the toilets in Otorohonga (this lady cracked up at me taking pics - its kiwiana...)

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  1. Happy New Year to you all x. What amazing sculptures/monuments and architecture you have in New Zealand thanks for sharing. Especially the carrot and the toilets!!