Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Today we went into the city and took a ride on the first ever electric train bought in by Auckland Transport. I have children who are train fanatics. Two catch the train to and from school every day. Auckland Transport and the city council did a superb job of the promotion for 5000 lucky Aucklanders who snaffled up the free tickets. A yummy breakfast provided too. (appreciated to this hard hit by a 29.4% rates rise in two years - yes you read that right. We chose the entirely wrong time to renovate when the council was merging into one big super council from 5 or so old council areas... if you renovated you were whacked hard and the no more than 10% rates rise did not apply to you...)
I received the Travelling Linen Stash last Tuesday and dropped of off personally to the next recipient tonight - I hope she didn't mind. I was up the road from her house at Mitre 10 and can sometimes be slack getting to a post office. It was SO hard deciding what to keep and running around a few op shops to find a few more things to put in, but I love the 3 items I chose. Such a fab idea!
Look at my divine new hallway table - a Scandinavian one from Freedom. Love. Eyeing up a new dining room table and chair set and a couch too... we have not had new furniture for centuries and now that the kids are older and can show a bit more respect for nice furniture...
And I am loving the growing pile by the front door to drop off to an op shop. School holidays are good for this type of thing. I am really trying to be ruthless too!
Kimberley x

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