Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A whirlwind

Firstly - can anyone tell me why I cannot seem to download photos onto a blog post via Blogger - it uploads them, but then when I go to add to a post, it stalls and does not come up with the "place in the centre etc" box.. . Have had this on and off for days before, but 3-4-5 days running now, I just cannot seem to post any pics..
I has been a whirlwind of activity everywhere.
School is MANIC. I am tearing my head out at not enough funding to help the students who need it (year 5 kid on level 7 reading - we lost his funding. What the?) at more than one school. NZ fails too many kids. Too many transient kids, with no agency tracking them as they jump. Schools have to figure it out.
I have been having fun throwing out years of school stuff - I got Archives NZ into the school to go through around 20-30 years worth of stuff.... so much in the bin, and lots kept too. School histories are important. Financial stuff from 20 years ago - no. HUGE bins full going. it is good to get rid of clutter.
Essay writing. Yes - STILL going. I am slow! First assignment I scored an A. :) Bit of a pattern emerging... hee hee. In a moment of madness on Sunday night, I signed up for number 4 paper in the 2014 academic year. I am crazy. nearly fulltime worker. Kids, BOT member, yeah. But this essay ahs 2 nights to go and assignment work over for this paper. Now A LOT of tutorial work to do and exam prep. Five weeks till that! Then a few weeks break till next paper starts.
Mother's Day - nothing in this house. Both of our families have never believed in it. One kid said happy mothers day and the husband made breakfast in bed, but that is usual :). I did buy myself my first ever laptop - school gave me one too, but it now lives at school due to library set up - hardly giving me one really....
The usual housework. Knitting - not much! Little brother (who lives in Switzerland) is currently doing the Trans Portugal 1200 km nine day long bike race, so we sit in front of the laptop every night and track him (in 4th place currently). Very exciting to follow! You tube videos they post every day are neat - what a beautiful country!
I am off to Melbourne and Bendigo this Friday for  few days. What's in Bendigo? The woollen mills... oh dear. Dangerous for me! It looks to be a beautiful regional city. Meeting up with my best friend from when I lived in Melbourne 11 years ago. We meet up every year somewhere now. Last year it was Sydney. Next year it is Queenstown! Can't wait - 3 years since I was last in my favourite city in the entire world. (Melbourne.)
Back , I hope, in next couple of days with dishcloth swap details. (hoping essay panic does not set in...).

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