Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 5 May 2014

Back to reality after hols over

 Lotta from Stockholm clogs - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
 Very comfortable!
 sewing new pjs for me - not that I need them, but adored the fabric...
 and the most sweetest huge pinchushion from Tracy
a kid who LOVES woollen hats and wears them all the time! Playing on the computer (of course)
tulips from "Nosh" - such good specials there!

cotton from my aunt - loving the old wooden reels
at night
Starting a cowl for me knitting with Bendigo Woollen Mills wool (I'll be there in 2 weekends! Whoop!)
socks finished for the MIL for her birthday - the last one only started 4 days ago.

And that is the end of the school holidays. A VERY lazy time for me - but I needed it. And sneakily off to Melbourne in 2 weekends to catch up with a girlfriend. Driving north to Bendigo - yippee.
Draught essay flicked off to be checked - whew. getting somewhere albeit slowly!

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  1. Aren't Lottas just _the_ best !! !! I have 3 pairs
    Red Tan and Black and I'm eyeing up another pair .. .. .. and their landed price is just so reasonable!
    I'm knitting my second pair of socks at the moment - what pattern do you use? I use the after thought heel.
    Thanks for dropping off the stash box too :) you were so right good stash