Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 18 July 2014

High Tea

It's five degrees folks - now that is CRAZY for Auckland during the day time!

Today -

 A wonderful high tea/morning tea for the school office lady for her birthday. Now I happen to think office ladies hold schools together! Here's to a happy birthday and a good term with a new principal - interesting times for a school! We think we should make this a permanent fixture on the last day of the school hols before school goes back. My china cups and plates and one of my most adored treasures - a linen tablecloth crocheted by my Nana - a 21st birthday gift to me.
 Lots and lots of laundry being done these past sunny days - freezing cold, but with the sun on it pretty dry if you hang it out early enough. I still hang washing outside late after noon for the next day - this would have been frozen this morning!
 daffodils and iris love in the sun
Just ordered some cascade 220 wool from Holland Road Yarns in Wellington to make me this exact hat in the identical wool.

Hoping everyone has had safe and peaceful hols. A sad end with the M17 Malaysian airlines flight - we have taken that exact flight in the past.

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