Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 17 July 2014

new sweet things

Of course I did a wee bit of shopping in Australia. Shoes - my (first) pair of (spotty) Toms - so comfortable and two bargain pairs from Target at $10/15 each! LOVE.
Books for school - OH SO CHEAP! Chapter books from $5-13. Billy B Brown are very popular and I can never have enough copies of the Wimpy Kid books (they grow legs and walk....). And such divine picture books for $14-16. Ruby Red Shoes is such a delight - the words and illustrations.
Tea - of course - in large amounts!
Top Shop (coming to Auckland later in the year and it is gonna be chaos in there) and sweet sweet floral underwear. I thought I really was too old and too un-hip though overall to be in there! But I really did like that they had a petite section - so hard to find for us shorties!
And very, very delighted to have found some Johnson of Australia crockery in Lifeline at Coolum Beach - love, love, love!! (oh the groans from the others when op-shops were spotted, but I was driving, so I had power! Hee hee.) I have just made Elaina's lemon slice - hers looks better and the photography is definitely better!

Any great finds in shops these hols?


  1. Ohhhh, floral undies and floral plates, love! I made another batch of lemon slice and used half a cup of lemon juice and grated rind in too, made it super tarty, just how I like it. I also didn't cook it for as long as the recipe says, turned out heaps better xo

  2. love the look of those undies too! I suspect I am a bit uncool for topshop too - we don;t have one in Adelaide I don't think?

  3. I love the knickers too! I just popped into Whitcoulls the other day and all their reduced books were half the discounted price! Eeeek, I had to be oh so restrained! Books are my weakness too.