Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 23 November 2014

the week that has been

A new coaster for next to my bed
 Australian tea

 $3 from a church fete
 $1 each from a church fete
$1 dollar from a church fete

 in the garden.

Dwarf sweetpea love - I have wanted to grow sweetpeas for years! Simple delights.
 From a fundraiser for the City Mission.
 City Mission fundraiser.
 City Mission fundraiser. One can never have enough tea cosies.
 A co-worder knitted me this with some wool I gave her - I love it!
Around the teen's neck :)
 End of 11 years at one school for me - Mass of thanksgiving for the parents. boy, will I be a mess in a few weeks at theprizegiving.
 Ryan at Mass speaking.

Happy 11th birthday to Ryan - we all had a lot of fun at paint ball yesterday.

What a glorious weekend too - partying with 11 year olds; letter writing; knitting; pottering around the house; catching up on laundry. Amazing weather wearing tees and shorts. (H & M love). My favourite type of weekend.


  1. Your church fete purchases are all lovely.
    It looks like your week has been a wonderful one. x

  2. Wish I had been at that church bazaar, what lovely bargains. Sounds like you have had such a busy, happy weekend X