Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

without photos...

I can't find my camera... hoping I did not leave it in Australia.  I had the BEST time in Melbourne. It is always fab catching up with my friend Kristy. Kristy is a grade 6 teacher and of course we went book buying for my school - you should see the pile - 15 kg worth!!! Why, oh why are children's books SO MUCH cheaper in Australia than NZ? Case in point - the new Wimpy Kid book is $NZ8.80 in Oz; here in NZ it is $NZ18 !! There really is not much difference in the exchange rate either. Kristy was a great help in picking older fiction for the year 6/7/8 students.

And it is kinda funny going to Australia and buying a NZ label (Karen Walker Hi There) and being 40% cheaper (on sale, but still... very rarely on sale here!). And the towels were nearly half the price... And Target and Gap and H & M... oh my. It was a bit of a shopping bender after I had been so good for months. I did start a bit of Christmas shopping too. The shops/CBD go on and on and all the little laneways are cute. LOVE the city 11 years after we left to come back and live here.

We took the 16 year old over to help move the business and re-set up all the computers in the business - he is having a fab time! Totally amazed at how big Melbourne is and being a public transport nut, had a great time jumping on and off trams and trains. he remembers little from when he lived there.

I am totally gutted that the memory stick I had in the camera decided to play up. We took the 16 year old back to his old kindy, all the old playgrounds, to our old suburb and house ... actually I was nearly in tears seeing it all again, as it has been so long. The camera took the photos, but in between one day and the next, it decided not to "write" the next photos to the SD card and it seems everything on it is not there... I am gutted. I never ever use my cellphone to take photos and am kicking myself ... of all the photos to lose... I was so upset.

Anyway back to reality; the others come back home tonight. I have over a week's laundry and housework to sort... the place is a tip..... I have several hundred books to find from stocktake, on Friday I am supposed to be at a year 6 leaver's parents Mass and morning tea and at the other school, cooking 500 sausages (few non teaching staff drive or have cars, so it is me driving to get food for entire school and parents on Athletics Day)... I am going to Mass and I am  going to cook the sausages too - one school might just have to wait a bit longer... and give me help :). No PTA....

Hope everyone has contacted their swap partners - I need to crack on with that too!

happy week...

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  1. What a busy time. 500 sausages! Sounds like you had lots of fun with your friend and your Christmas shopping X