Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

B is for books at Christmas

It is not Christmas in this house without books. This is what is in the present pile this year:
The Summer BookMuch loved author of the Moomin books - my much much older cousin gave me his entire set of the chapter books one year when I had something published - I was always getting my poems/stories published in various things as a child.

I am SO EXCITED about getting this myself - from all the reviews I have read, this is one book every single New Zealander should own or at least read. Ties in very very well with my university studies too.
 Brian May's Red SpecialFor the die-hard Queen fan - one of the teenagers. 

A Good Yarn: 30 Timeless Hats, Scarves, Socks & GlovesAnother one for me - it arrived this afternoon and I had a 2 second look and then wrapped it back up and told myself patience, patience!

Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to LifeFor the youngest child - adores atlases/maps - I think he has the best geographical knowledge of anyone I know and I know he would leave quite a few teachers for dead :)

For the train MAD teenager - a true public transpost nerd really - and one who collects train maps/schedules from all around the world, this is perfect!Transit Maps of the World
The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Minecraft(r) Strategies: Everything You Need to Know to Build, Explore, Attack, and Survive in the World of MinecraftFor the minecraft mad child - oh yes - I am guessing everyone has a child like this? I am hoping he does not know it all - the child who reads the least of all of us, so I hope this helps pick his reading up!

 Tintin and Alph-ArtFor the Tintin fanatic - I think after years of gifting these every Christmas and birthday since before he could probably read, he finally has the entire collection.

 Maps: Their Untold StoriesFor the map fanatic teen too - I am hoping the husband might like this too - I do not have him a single book as yet as I won't buy something for him unless he is with me as he can be a particular reader!

Anyone else gifting books? I am always looking for new things for all ages and children's books too for school , so if you have any favorites let me know! I have bought these as a mixture from local independant bookshops and a few from the Book Depository.

Books are the best gifts I think. I am especially happy with the Tangata Whenua one and if that is all I recieve at Christmas, I'll be happy. :)

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  1. I love giving, and receiving books at Christmas. Map books are a favourite in our house too, also animal books, and I always wish for a recipe book for Christmas! X