Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 14 December 2014

slowly slowing

I've finished school for the year. Well kind of. I was still working an hour after the bell had gone and while teachers were up partying in the staffroom. I haven't finished everything I need to do; the things that HAVE to get done like auditor's reports... But I cannot be bothered going back... and I've a university essay to finish too... Might go back earlier late January and have a good , much needed rest this week instead.

I have done a little bit of shopping; finishing up swap packages; a few Christmas cards to write (they will not get to Europe in time...); it has been freezing today - last week was so humid, it was crazy!
We have the final ever Year 6/graduation mass this week - I am ready to close the 12 year chapter on that school. (will still remain on the school board). I could walk away now.

Man, you should have seen the year 8 boys in particular on Friday. Pasifika boys bawling their eyes out. Me bawling my eyes out. I was very touched with every single year 8 student coming in to say goodbye to me ; i went to shake hands but they all hugged me. I am rubbish at things like this and was crying along with them - they are amazing kids who have a lot of obstacles in their lives. That is the best thing about school - the amazing students. I could leave a few of the teachers behind, but it is the students who I love. I really wanted to talk to them all and tell them how amazing they are and that they can do whatever they want with their lives and not do what their parents want them to do, but I was crying too much!

Futsal final this afternoon - runner up in the Auckland under 13 competition. Pretty brilliant for a team who do NO practice, but have all played soccer/futsal together for around 6 years or so. And the year 8 Athletics champ too. A new school for this one next year too - not my choice but anyhow.

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