Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I am happy. I have had an amazing holiday, seeing a part of New Zealand I had longed to go back and visit (even if we did not do everything I wanted to do, like go up the coast further north).

Boys seem happy and independant and running around the city with mates (and over to Waiheke Island by themselves to meet up with mates).

Most of the school stationery has been bought (cannot get my head around why a kid needs 3 different brands/types of coloured pencils for 3 different subjects!) and school uniforms too (BIG OUCH even for a state school where I know of parents all over going into debt to buy this - more than my weeks pay and don't get me started about i-pad which kid won't have because I don't need another bloody device in this house). Shoes still to get - two of the boys have not had new shoes for a year...(and opps a couple of sweet sets of retro notebooks fell into the shopping basket).

Husband rang up before and I went to meet him at a cafe for lunch - bliss.
Roses are gorgeous.
Vege garden blooming and cucumbers reaching out across deck.
Two cardigans finished (two in under 2 weeks!!!!) and well on the way with number 3. I have three orders for these - soooo excited to be knitting for others where it is much appreciated. I really adore the deep red one.
Dish cloths started (and bamboo needles found at The Warehouse even!).
Study notes going well and essay back from critique person to re-edit.
A month till exam but I am happy where I am at now.
Sweet stationery found at The Warehouse too for snail mail inserts.

All is good. Hugely satisfied with my month off school and another two weeks to go!

Ps the house is kinda messy, but I have been de-cluttering and dusting - dusting is a miracle! But I am satisfied with life. :)


  1. sounds like a lovely holiday! Those roses are beautiful! And 2 almost three cardys in two weeks! wow, that's some fast knitting.....mine seems to be incredibly slow going these days.

  2. Your roses are beautiful. I too have thankfully done the shoe, uniform and stationery shopping. Just work to get through tomorrow, then I'm on holiday. Enjoy the rest of yours.

  3. Sounds like a great holiday! Gorgeous roses in your garden too! What a great way to start the year :)

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