Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 5 February 2015

action station and a *winner*

Phew! The end of the first week of a new school year and a 3 day weekend coming up. Perfect timing! Such a good sort out of the library today - 900 plus new books on the system (readers included) - I am seriously running out of shelf space!! And we are up to 63 new students - mostly walk-ins !!

We have impulse bought a builder in - ripping out an entire bedroom to the outside walls and insulating, re-gibbing and ripping up a carpet and polishing the original floorboards. The big waredrobe in the room will alos be ripped out.The heatpump is being moved from that bedroom to the 2nd lounge too. Hoepfully the work will start in 3 weeks or so.

I also impulse took 2 couches to 2 classrooms at school last week - I got sick of them! They look so cute in classroom corner libraries. So the blue couches have gone and we have put two of our chairs in the main lounge, until we get around to buying another couch. (won't replace one which was in a bedroom).

And THIS made my day ! I am soooo stressed with the exam next week and still have a topic to write/learn an essay...

and lots of baking has been done - banana loaf, more weetbix slice and sweetcorn muffins. (teens still complain that there is nothing to eat....)

And everyone is finally back at their perspective schools - two new schools for us this year. Still stalling on the compolsory i-pad thing...
So happy it is the weekend and a long one. Only thing that is happening for me is cramming, cramming.

Lastly - the winner of the  "Sweet Treats" cross stitch book is   *** Miriam ***. E-mail me your address my dear and I will post it out - might be a while till after exam is over.

Have a great long weekend kiwis and a good Friday everyone else!


  1. Oh the building work sounds exciting. Congrats on your essay just the confidence boost you need going into an exam - you must know what you are talking about. Was the Miriam me? I do hope so. Will email you my address xxxx

  2. Well done on your A pass! Wonderful! Sounds like you are achieving lots at home and at work too, as well as your studies. Busy lady! X

  3. Busy as ever! Well done on the A grade and I'm looking forward to seeing the home improvements xx