Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I need another holiday

 Our backyard. We had rain overnight a few nights ago, but very little over all in a month. The hot, humid temperatures continue. The cucumbers have gone lopy and are even growing along the side of the house now! The heat is hideous in classrooms.

I have been back at school a week and i am plain EXHAUSTED.  A week. And I am coming home and falling asleep. It is crazy. We have had 40-60 students just turn up (I'm a bit behind the current count i think!) as that is what just happens in my area. (if you are in zone for a school in NZ, you just turn up. The school HAS to take you! We are not governed by numbers/ a local council etc.) Class sizes are getting crazy. This will go on for the next 2-3 weeks.
I've been doing my job, opening gates for the dental van to be towed away, helping the external IT guy, sorting out new teachers, making on the spot library cards and adding many new names to the database (can barely get through a class before the next one is lining up).
I have already put around 100 new library books on the database and 300 or so new resources.

I've already worked over my paid hours in 2 days. (also did 2 un-paid days during hols - welcome to the "support-staff-don't-get-paid-for-all-the-hours-you-do" crew).

I have two days off next week - one for study, one for exam. Not happy as things currently stand. You can't study when you fall asleep...

In my tiredness haze, I wandered to the supermarket after school and bought a top dinner of a bag of oven fries, a pre-cooked chicken, and pre-made coleslaw. We usually make out own fries from scratch, cook the chicken and make own salad etc from scratch. Not tonight... can not be bothered. Not good food.

Then I kinda wandered past Kikki K and these gorgeous things fell into a bag (I owe 15 letters....!)... tiredness makes me wander aimlessly sometimes! :) All cute though, huh?


  1. Very cute! Sounds like you are having a very tough time at work Kimberley. Take care of yourself X

  2. hmmmm what is kikki K and where do I find this place? Looks devine, take things easy, be kind to yourself

  3. oh I would be so wild with all those families that just turned up - manners people! It's good they are getting the kids to school but surely the school did a zone wide mail out last year to ask them to enrol so they could sort staffing. Exhaustion - not fun. Hope you find a little time to study and rest xxxx