Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 12 July 2015

Chasing the Warmth

It most certainly has been COLD. In fact I do not remember a winter as cold as this. And we are in the warmer north of the country. Lots of places around New Zealand have had the largest snowfalls in decades. It never gets cold enough in Auckland to snow, but we have been down to nearly zero degrees at night... I've been in 3 layers of merino during the day and in front of the fire AND the heat pump also going at the same time! I have been chasing the sun around the house all day.
School holidays are the BEST!

There has been knitting (loving my shawl with triangles BUT at this stage I'm lost as made a mistake and impossible to find out where mistake is with lots of yarn overs... :( ); Medieval Women study outside, at the bedroom desk in the sun and in front of the fire;letter writing in all 3 of those same locations and more book buying for school (50% off at the Queen Street Whitcoulls store, as it is closing down). And tiny tiny little square knitting too for a one day blanket. using up sock wool remnants. Keep warm. Thinking of warmer climates at the moment!

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  1. Always fun reading about the weather on the other side of the world-another great part of blogging. Keep cosy Kimberley! X