Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

One Twelve Hour Train Journey

Last week the boys and I did the most incredible train journey (12 hours long!) from Auckland to our capital city Wellington. It was incredible (I can not emphasize that enough) with stunning scenery along the way. The most glorious experience. Of course there was a lot of standing in the open carriage - VERY cold and you really get an idea of how fast the train is actually going! - a lot of knitting, a lot of reading, a lot of talking, a little bit of university work ;) , a lot of cups of teas (best buy of hols was the $16 thermos from Kmart which gave me about 6 cups of tea throughout the day!) and eating. And lots of oohing and ar-ring at the scenery and the high gorges and incredible bridges we went over. A highlight was the Raurimu Spiral - that was just spectacular!
You really know how small New Zealand is when you meet your son's German teacher on the platform in Hamilton (2 hours south),  who is on the same train and then chat with him through out the journey, and then when you get to Wellington, you hear your name being called out on the platform,turn around and there's one of your workmates! (never of us had no idea we were on the same train all that time!).
Go to Kiwi Rail to learn about our train journey/ book yourself a trip - it really is a journey every kiwi should do I think!

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  1. Love long train journeys, though have never taken a single journey of 12 hours. I think I would have kept my eyes closed during the Raurimi Spiral though! X