Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 17 July 2015

Goals for holidays

I had 3 simple goals for the school holidays - get my eyebrows done, buy one kid black school shoes and visit a second hand bookshop. All done. I also did the quick trip to Wellington, caught up on all my letter writing bar two letters, had lunch with a bunch of teachers, did far too much unpaid work for school and caught up with my nieces from Switzerland!
So delighted to have found a bunch of 1970s and 1980s school journals - every child in NZ learns to read from these and they are still produced and sent free to every NZ school every term. These are absolute gems. And I also found a fab pile for my university paper! It seems to be so hard to get the books from the library - I have a good pile out, but the demand for them is huge, so I am quickly writing copious notes so those in the queue behind me gets them and i hope it happens vice versa to me!
Loving piles of woollen things around the bedrooms newly washed. Quite a bit warmer this week! Whew!
Wool. Squidy lovely delicious wool! The turquoise Blue-faced Leicester wool was a complete delightful wool was a complete surprise from a penfriend - oh how I love the wool and her! The cascades wool, Quince wool and Zelana Cozi wool were purchases from Holland Road Yarn Wools in Willis Street in Wellington. SO delighted with the Quince and Cascades wool especially - the first time I have seen and bought USA wool here in NZ. (though I note the Quince wool has 50% NZ alpaca too - how cool).
And making peach crumble for desserts - twice this week. Bottled peaches are ever so handy to have in the kitchen.
Two more days of freedom until the new school term starts. Hope kiwis are all refreshed.


  1. So glad you reached all your holiday goals Kimberley! Beautiful yarns! Good luck going back to work! X

  2. Don't we get to see the eyebrows? ;0)
    Hugs x