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Creative Chaos

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Snail Mail/ Craft for the Soul Books

I buy hundreds and hundreds of books a year - mainly for school, but also a far whack for home. Two are my most favourite books I have bought for home this year are Snail Mail and Craft for the Soul.
Both were sourced from Australia (they are Australian) - one by mail order with the husband bringing it back home and the other one, Snail Mail, by a friend visiting Australia. (one of my original penfriends April, who hails from USA, but has lived in NZ for years) - it was funny, as I had e-mailed her to ask her if she could pick up a copy for both of us there and I'd give it to her as a birthday gift. She had only just bought herself a copy an hour before hand :), so went back to grab me a copy too. So sweet. (I am despairing at NZ bookshops, apart from independent ones - I buy so much for school that I can honestly walk into Whitcoulls for example and find nothing new for school!)

If you are into letter writing/mail, then Snail Mail is an absolute GEM! Both are smaller hardback books and are absolutely divine and stunning. The design through both is incredible. Snail mail covers how to get started with writing, making your own envelopes, pen style, getting creative with your mail, how to glam up your mail/stationery and getting the most from writing. It really is a visual treat with templates and stickers too. Adorable!

Craft for the Soul is written by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes blog fame.

It too is a visual feast. I love it being the sort of book you can pick up and put down.It is hugely inspirational and covers a wide range of things. it is a feel good book - just the thing to motivate you, think about your life and get yourself going again after a less than perfect day! She talks about creating routines, being positive, finding things that creates a spark , excitement and passion, loving your work. it has both food recipes and craft recipes scattered throughout. pip discusses how to be YOU, re-freshing yourself, your life and how you do things. I love the positivity about it and the boast it can give to your everyday life.

Two perfect sweet books!

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  1. Thanks for the great reviews here Kimberley. I correspond by snail mail with a lovely friend in America and might get us both a copy for Christmas! Will check to see if it is available here in UK. X