Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday doings

An impulse trip to a Spotlight store to buy 100% Australian wool at $2.50 a ball (GREAT price) - will end up as a couple of cardigans for myself eventually. I have A LOT of wool, but nothing in quantities till now to knit a cardigan. Love both colours very much - I love wearing bright clothes summer and winter. And some of the most adorable flannelette fabric fell into my basket too and tonight I have whipped up a pair of pyjama pants for me. Just so sweet! I have soooo many pairs of pj pants that I have made. Cute fabric gets me everytime!
And i also finished a pair of plain socks for a friend.
And the pile of university books have been ignored and seriously neglected. This week. Really this week I WILL tackle them. Maybe even later tonight!
We also spent a few hours running around the city - well with those children who could be bothered coming with us. I think I have reached the uncool parent stage. Oh well - as others say, it is cheaper without them.....

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  1. Think I might have reached the uncool parent stage with my boys too Kimberley. Love the colours of wool you have chosen x