Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 26 April 2016


I'm lazy. I've done little today apart from 6 loads of laundry which took forever and then read this from front cover to back..

If you have a teenager from 11-12 years who hates reading, I highly recommend it! (particularly boys)*I did pull this series out of the school library a few years back as felt the content was too much for my cohort of students. I might start reading aloud and see how we go*
I'm tag team reading them at the moment with my youngest - he is not a reader, but has been totally engrossed in this series. (and got into trouble for reading at the past weekend's scout camp, when he should have been helping with stuff - a secretly pleased mother here when I heard that!)

So far

clear out boys' clothing
buy mattress for a kid
write 5 letters
essay (started and made huge progress)
clear out kitchen
clear out bathrooms
garden path swept (ha - well I did, but pile still there to put in compost!!)
plant more winter veges
clear out my wardrobe  (including many pairs of shoes!)
visit aunt/cousin for a few days
ironing pile to zero (ha - who am I kidding!)
sort books out for school
visit bookshops for school
catch up with 3 friends (2 down)
read 2 books (1 done)
knit (oh YES and mastered 2-at-once socks once again after having done no work on them for weeks!)

And it has been simple things like book buying ($ 1.00 books for many friends and school!) and piles more since!
 visits to the American shop buying Kool-Aid to dye wool and silly stationery which makes me smile!
 tiny square knitting (should really join together as I knit!

 essay writing ( I s-p-r-e-a-d out!)
 glorious days (so much laundry done and I am STILL in shorts and tees most days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 the winter veges have gone vrompf! (and marigolds etc)
 a Chelsea bun (although I could only manage half due to sweetness!)

Five more days to blitz that essay!!!


  1. The weather can't make its mind up here either. Today is decidedly grey and chilly but yesterday was hot and sunny. I just go with the flow because what else can you do?
    Looks like you are balancing the holidays well with chores and a bit of doing nothing at all. SOunds perfect to me.

  2. You're doing well with the list, Kimberley and the laundry! Xx