Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Time flies

I did half this post last night. I am so tired. School is so loopy busy (I don't know any other primary school that issues 2-3000 books a month!); we've incredible piles of new books which sit there, as I am too busy helping staff and students with stuff too. I've a returns bin which is half full and has not been any emptier than that all week, as I try and juggle everything happening. I'm now on a leadership team at school, which is fab, but adds to stuff to do during the day. Tis all good, as I'm never bored, but trying to find stuff/particular things has driven me a bit crazy with piles everywhere.

I was surveying the library today (very messy) when one of my cool students came up to me and said " when my mum wants to swear miss, she says the word apple". That CRACKED me up and I'm still laughing. Poor kid is one of my star librarians, so he tidied things up.

It's a backlog of everything whether it is at home or school. Feels like the school hols were weeks ago already!

these pics are from the past weekend of K Road (Karangahape Road) - a long central Auckland road. the council shut the road to traffic this weekend and had a fab festival happening with bands, stalls, children's area etc. I discovered how funky the street was - I just usually zoom along it in the car. We rode our bikes up there - the council is trying to get people out of their cars and onto public transport and cycling. Car drivers here are not very good with cyclists...
a good few hours.


  1. Oh I can so relate to your grief in the library. I've just been given several half days extra to get through all the cataloguing. Hundreds of books have come through in the last few weeks and it's just blown out all over the place. I don't think people ever realise how much work goes on in a library but I feel your pain.....pain in a good way. lol. All you can do is just keep chugging along. Kids are great aren't they!!! I love the apple comment.

  2. Time does fly doesn't it, I wonder where it goes!

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