Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 8 July 2016

School holidays

I've made it to the school holidays. That was one of the most challenging terms in my school history!

Onto a mental break! I just found out I passed my university exam too and am thrilled beyond words - nearly cried!!

I've been home sick for a few hours, after clearing a backlog and lit the fire and have dozed on and off and knitted just a couple of rows.

When I finished my exam 2 weeks ago, I ran off to Spotlight and impulse bought some fabric and only 2 balls of wool...

I've sewed some pillowcases - I adore all the fabric I bought - and a pair of pj pants which I really didn't need, but the fox flannelette is cute! The Waikiwi wool is some of my favourite - no idea what I'll knit with that, but just bought some more at 30% off in case it is discontinued!

And I also whipped up a couple of pairs of robot pj pants for boys whose legs just keep on getting taller! A great weekend of sewing and relaxation!

Tomorrow will be all about getting this house and laundry under control! I'm off for an afternoon snooze....


  1. Big congratulations on the exam results, you should be so proud of yourself, I'm not sure how you have managed to juggle all those balls but you did it, time to relax and have a breather. Love those foxy PJ pants, I really need to start making myself some of these. Do you use a particular pattern? I hope you are feeling much better soon. We broke up from school yesterday so looking forward to some lazy days and hoping to get some sewing in too xx

  2. Well Done! Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement x

  3. Dear Kimberley
    Huge congratulations on your exam! You deserve lots of treats after a result like that!
    Best wishes

  4. Fantastic news about your exam!!!!!! I am so very pleased for you!!! Congratulations!! I hope you are celebrating this weekend because you deserve too!! Hugs!