Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 7 July 2016


One does not really achieve much when they roll into bed straight after school from exhaustion and sickness. A bad person who has carried on going to school, as 1500 books will just sit there if I don't do them. And I don't fancy turning up on day one of term 3 with a major backlog...
One more day to go - this has been my most challenging term in 7 years... I think it is a miracle I'm still at school frankly.
Our principal quite education a couple of days ago. He was incredible.

I'm on a plane to Adelaide, Australia in 2 days time, so am shoving drugs down me to clear myself up! This is our big 20th wedding anniversary gift to each other. To say I'm excited is under-stated. Everyone tells me if I think Melbourne, Australia is the best city in the world, then  Adelaide and I'll get on just fine. I've shopping lists of book titles written and the sales on are generally...

I'm still knitting. It did take me over an hour last night to learn a seamless cast on for socks - these ones -

the wool is DIVINE!
I've also been knitting these with some Drops wool too -

loving them too. I've amassed an accidental collection of half pairs of socks... too impatient to see how the wool knits up really!

The big news is I've switching to a four day working week next term and am doubling my university workload... hmmmm ... should be on track to finish my degree by the end of next year now! Will be a massive change to my life! The rude people want $1500 from me for two university papers ( oh YES - we PAY for university in New Zealand - students are in serious debt by the time they finish and since they struggle to even afford to rent a house in this town, let alone find a job, I think all our students are stuffed in this city! Our poor children). I just need to stay on task and DO IT! The semester starts during week two of the school holidays - I've had two weeks off now which has gone fast!

What is everyone else knitting/reading etc? Oh book buying in Adelaide - whoop!


  1. I really like Adelaide. It is much quieter than Melbourne. Enjoy your trip...

  2. Have a wonderful trip and anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like your knitting and travel plans are helping to keep you sane with work being so stressful! X