Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Hello 46 days of holidays!

Another school year is finished. Hello to 46 days off school! That seems massive. But it will go fast.

It was not my favourite year at school. At all. I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I need a holiday.

I got two B+ (75-79%) grades at university this semester. I am as pleased as punch! There is no way I even dreamed of getting grades as good as that! I think having the Friday off every week since July helped an awful lot. It was also very good for my mental health. A lot went on at school this year!

Now I'm reading a book, surveying the mess and having a cup of tea. I dropped 4 big boxes of things at the charity shop this afternoon, so that is a great start.

Here's my Christmas lily  - it is glorious! the sweet peas are still beautiful too.

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