Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 16 December 2016

Tis nearly the Season

My letterbox (or the front porch!) has been a bit cheery lately. All the lovely swaps I've been taking part in, as well as surprise packages, have been turning up. The husband keeps on coming home with amazing gifts from clients too - we don't really need to give gifts to each other!

On my birthday (December 2) at 7.20am, the doorbell rang. It was a big package from Tracy. Now this package had been lost in the skies since it was posted by air on August 26. It was wonderful timing to arrive on my birthday.

This is what Tracy sent. It was a "just because" package really and was incredible...

I love the bracelet and put it on straight away!

 sock wool - well probably a shawl as there is plenty of it! Will be neat to see how it knits up!
 fabric and a neat brooch
 Good old Boots with my favourite moisturiser and cleansing wipes and tea! I love tea!! First thing I do in any country is buy tea!
 Isn't this a-m-a-z-I-n-g? Tracy crocheted me a bag - in my favourite colour no less! Using at the supermarket several times a week.
 And (she is such an incredibly talented sewer too!) also made me a gigantic size knitting zippered pouch - fabulous for full size needles, what you are knitting and the pattern. I love the fabric of course!!!
 And the stripes inside. One day I must learn how to sew box corners.
 Oh the Maori design book cracked me up. this is perfect for school! And the stupid crazy thing is that it is so incredibly had to find anything like this in New Zealand, but here it is, found , withdrawn from one of Tracy's local libraries!! Fabulous indeed!! And the vintage Ladybird tea book! Love. Adore. Books. Tea. Ladybird!
Than you so much Tracy for the awesome package - you are so generous and talented and the box was full of all of my favourite things! xo


  1. gosh that took a LONG time to arrive! I don't know what is up with the posting these days. I mailed photo books of my daughter's wedding to Canadian relatives and they never were delivered....sigh.

    happy birthday and I'd say you received some extra love for the special day.

  2. I couldn't believe it when you said it arrived on your birthday!!! I'm glad you liked it all, it was so much fun putting it all together for you and I'm glad to took some pics as I completely forgot, which didn't help when I was trying to fill in the lost mail form!