Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 6 January 2017

starting and finishing

Today I started and finished 2 basic skirts using New Look 6004. A really easy beginner pattern - I'll wear these a lot running around at school.

One of my aims this year is to really cut down on buying clothes totally or if I do buy items, to buy as much New Zealand made as possible. But really, I should be able to get through the year without having to buy any clothing for myself! We will see how I go!! I'll also try to either sew or knit what I think I might need or like.

And I'm stoked to say I finally finished my Falling Water scarf! Ravelry tells me I started this 18 months ago! It is knitted in an alpaca bought by my mother-in-law on a trip to Peru (came without a ball band). I am thrilled at how it has turned out - an easy pattern, as long as you keep notes on where you are up to! I've plenty of wool left to knit another one too.

Yay for summer and time to make!

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  1. Some projects just take longer than others... Love your skirts, perfect all year round, with or without leggings. You know, with all the sewing I do, I have never made a skirt! There's a thought. x