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Creative Chaos

Saturday 7 January 2017

Send us Your Country Swap 2017

Send us your Country Swap 2016

Happy New Year everyone. Without further ado, I announce, earlier than usual, the 2017 "Send us Your Country Swap".

New Zealand celebrates our national day every February 6 - Waitangi Day. Waitangi Day is based on our founding document/ Treaty signed on that date in 1840.

It means a lot of different things to different people - can be contentious and I don't think we are that patriotic after spending several Australia Days in Australia. (that blew me away both times!)
Let's have a swap based on the country we live in. The aim is to send 5 things that symbolise the country you live in / were born in.

Some ideas include-

Something to eat 
something hand made by you that represents your country
a tourist nick nack like a fridge magnet, keyring
a stationery item ie notecards,postcards, a pen, pencils
a souvenir tea towel
an item made in your country (ie a book written by a local author, wool, kitchen items - craft fairs are good for this. Is there a designer that has little things? ie Cath Kidston etc...)

Sign up is by February 10 (a long lead time).
I will post the swap partners on the weekend of February 11-12. It is up to you to contact your partner and exchange addresses and likes or dislikes (ie you may not want another tea towel, or you dislike chocolate etc).
Swaps are to be sent by March 17 . That should give everyone enough time to get organised!
Open worldwide and to bloggers and non-bloggers (sorry I don't use intagram - I'd "waste" more time than I currently do on-line!) - just as long as you can be contactable to your partner via some form (and by me) I'm cool with whatever!
Please leave me a comment if interested and state if you are happy to post internationally or only in your home country. ( I will do my absolute best with this).


  1. Yes please Kimberley, would love to join once again. Always love this swap. Happy to post o/s. Still no blog.

  2. Hi!I will be very happy to participate on this exchange. Sorry, I don't have a blog.

  3. Hi Kimberley, yes I would love to participate. Sorry I don't have a blog but can be contacted at

  4. Hi Kimberley. I'd love to join in again please.

  5. Nearly missed this, hope I haven't missed out. Still no blog but always love this swap.