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Creative Chaos

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap

I took part in the lovely Jo's Twelve Day of Christmas Swap. We were paired up with a partner and had to send each other 12 days of gifts, to be opened from Christmas Day. I started mine from Boxing Day accidently!

I am a bit dismayed to read that Jo will discontinue the swap this year due to people pulling out for one reason or another, not getting in contact with partners etc. Poor Jo - co-ordinating a swap is hard work and I always hope that if anyone signs up, they do their part (or really, don't sign up if you don't think you can do your part!). For me, I'm committed right from the start and will always carry through on it - it's like a promise really - I don't break them (particularly around children - if I promise a student or a class anything at school, I'll always come through!).

Anyway, I was partnered with the lovely Tanya. We e-mailed a bit before trying to find out each other's likes and dislikes. This is what I sent off to Tanya -

 Ti-Ora tea (I've a package here still to try); ribbon; baking cases, crafty items and a mug rug I knitted (possibly snow where you live now Tanya?)
 The Merry Christmas box is from Kikki K and is the cutest little stationery kit out; Christmas cards in a tin and jaffas - everyone from outside of New Zealand has to try a Jaffa - a chocolate covered ball (Dunedin has the famous Jaffa Run every July).
 A little notebook; stickers and pens from Kikki K.
 An oven mitt; kiwiana serviettes with the Pohutukawa (The New Zealand Christmas Tree) on them and I've no idea what I had wrapped up there and whether it is in one of these photos already!
And here is everything together.

Tanya's package arrived in good time, quite a bit before Christmas (I am STILL waiting for the last thing to arrive from England for one of the boys!)

 Isn't this stained glass window amazing? It hangs beautifully on a bedroom window.

 A lovely knitted scarf - I'd love to know how to do the border stitch. And look! How cute! A teddy bear in a bag to make! I've enver seen anything like this before.
 Writing paper, note cards and envelopes for the stationery queen (love all stationery!), a gold pen, a sweet little sewing kit (perfect to take everywhere!), robin coasters (oh how I love robins - none in New Zealand) and a cute kitchen sign.

Very funky toe socks; a yankee candle (only the 2nd one I've ever head - the smell is divine!); crystals for a burner and an angel candle.

I so love taking part in swaps and the generosity of everyone involved - thank you so much Tanya for your awesome gifts and it was lovely to have Christmas for a bit longer! Great work Jo too!


  1. What lovely things you both sent and received!!! I have some toe socks - must look them out! - they are great fun aren't they. The stained glass is beautiful too. I agree with you about swaps, it is hard to coordinate them, and if people commit they should go through with it shouldn't they. There have been several lovely swaps - including some of yours! - that I saw before Christmas and since, but I didn't join in because I knew that I would be too busy - and even more as it turns out! - to take part so I didn't join in the first place. If I join I go through with it no matter what, as I did with my 12 days! Such a shame for Jo isn't it. Anyway, you and your partner had fun and that is good isn't it.

  2. Oh that's such a shame, as this is such a lovely swap, it does put the dampers on things though when people pull out for no reason.
    Looks like you and Tanya had a lovely time swapping gifts though.

  3. Hi Kimberley, I feel absolutely terrible that I have not commented on this post or been in touch since christmas. I am ashamed to admit that i didn't realise I hadn't blogged about our swap...I have just found the photos on my camera. I am so glad that you enjoyed your gifts and I did mine too...have you tried the tea yet?? Incidentally I started opening my presents boxing day too...weren't we supposed to?? Anyway my post will publish in about 16 hours time and it will inform you of how wonderful I thought everything was.So sorry I didn't contact you sooner. xx