Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Winter Project Link Party

Well it's not exactly winter here, but the real summer has yet to arrive (when we are all back sitting in stinking hot classrooms no doubt!). I'm joining in with Thistlebear's Winter Project Link Party.

It's Cambridge A Level results day today, so I am trying to keep busy! The kid does not really need these marks, as got early entrance into university, but it is still a bit nerve wracking! I think he did kinda give up on the full on study mode though, as the acceptance arrived 3 days before the A level exams started...

I've had a bonanza summer of crafting already and am just half way through my 46 days off school now, so hopefully more will be achieved. You can see here and here the things I have started and finished - the knitting projects were started 18 months ago.

Yesterday I cut out and sewed my first ever top. It went really well, with a fairly straight forward pattern! I really do love it and the best bit? The husband thought I had bought it !!! High praise indeed! (but he does need to pay heed that I am trying to really keep out of the shops - pattern buying cheaply an exception!)

This morning I have cut out the fabric to make a dress using the same pattern -

And I've this fabric too to make another top - I thought I'd try a lighter fabric to see if it drapes more lightly.

I only own 6 or so patterns, so have been on Trade Me buying a few more dress/skirt/bag patterns this morning. A fabric shop down south has closed down, so they are selling them really cheaply for $3/4 each! (sewing patterns can be up to $20 each here - the two times I've bought them have been on a super special at Spotlight!)

Apart from sewing, I've been working on another plain sock for a workmate -

and continuing with this cross stitch!

Loving my days off!

There has been room clearing out sessions with the teens - the op shop pile is growing.
And baking too with my kitchen aid. The boys have either been working, cycling, on the rowing machine or with mates or in front of screens a bit after a 10 day break from screens!

Happy crafting - don't forget my swap!


  1. This is a lovely top! Sewing clothes is fun I think.

  2. Hi Kimberley, thanks for joining in with my link party. Your top is really nice! It looks cool and comfortable. I love the idea of making the dress view too. I think I have some of the same fabric you've chosen for the dress. :)

  3. That's a lovely top. well done on making such a good job of it! I'm going to start learning to sew my own clothes soon, and have a pattern and fabric ready. I love the floral fabric you have ready for your next top.