Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 9 January 2017

Cousins' Advent Calendar Swap - Days 16 to 20

Such a lovely day here - 4 loads of laundry getting dry outside and a pottering day again throwing out school and university work and wardrobe clear outs!

***I've added my "show us your country 2017" blog swap on the sidebar ***

My goodness - I've still items to show from the cousins' advent calendar swap! We are up to days 16 to 20. These first items are what I sent. I loved the little pohutukawa wooden decoration. And I thought, living in a colder climate than Auckland, the slipper book might be a good idea.

These items below are what Jackie sent me -

I love the dishcloth! My favourite colour and I must learn how to knit this stitch. The wooden heart is so cool and I've added it to my heart wall display. Another ball of wool to match one sent earlier (will need to think what to knit - possibly a matching hat and skinny scarf?) and good old ecostore soap (bought as a fundraiser - what a cool idea. Much better than chocolate fundraisers!)

But my favourite, favourite item out of this set must be the knitting within the Christmas decoration. Isn't it gorgeous and so cute?! What a fab idea. I must learn where Jackie bought the clear empty decortions from - a very clever idea! We still have our tree up too - I do love the simplicity of the tree this (last) year!

I've still about 3-4 swaps to blog about - lots of little things to use and find homes for still!

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  1. Lyncraft or spotlight had those empty balls for sale... they were on Xmas clearance too.
    Great idea