Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 1 September 2017

It's Friday

I always laugh at myself when I get to Friday! I actually only work 4 days a week and still love the weekends!

It's a super weekend this one, as I have just submitted my  * final ever * essay of my degree tonight! I do have a few 500 word walk-in-the-park things to do, plus a 2 hour exam in November and then I'm truly done!

I came home and got stuck into the garden , planting veges, plus a few pansies. Threw a load of laundry or two on the line, ordered indian and have sat and knitted quite a bit. A great start to the weekend!

I bought a bikini! I find it ever so hilarious really. At my age. I've booked a trip to Queensland as a celebration of finishing work (16 more days to go!) and to get away and empty my brain. Warm weather sounds idyllic! The good husband (oh bless him) liked it! It was my first ever mail order from Boden in the UK and I love it!

 We had a power cut in the middle of the week - I can still knit with a head torch... Ha!
 I'm going to knit a pair of socks for a teacher friend -

 it got a bit mucky with the winding - aarrrgghhhh

New Zealand played Australia in rugby last weekend - Whoever is playing NZ I'll back (not that i actually watch the game either  - I'm NOT a rugby fan  and boy everyone at school knows it. I hate the game.This photo still makes me laugh - that's me as an Aussie fan when NZ hosted the Rugby World Cup a few years back. My school is close to the airport and we were picked to welcome to Aussie team/be their cheerleaders - we were all painted/ got tees / rugby balls signed etc - I thought it was brilliant - the kiwi who hates rugby celebrating the team NZers love to hate! I didn't know any of the team, but then you'd be lucky if I could name 3 or 4 All Blacks either. Just as well I work at a rugby league school. It was funny too when we were at the airport, and I banged into this mate, who was bloody horrified at me! I also banged into the husband's aunt and uncle too but one of them is an Aussie, so loved me!
Every time we play Australia i put this photo up. :)

I really do love Australia though. I seriously wish we still lived there a lot!
Happy weekending everyone.

And Jo from Through the Keyhole - flick me your address to
and I'll post the socks to you.


  1. I'm in retirement and I still love the weekends, there is something about them! love that yarn you have there, pretty color!