Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 21 October 2017

At home

I've just finished my first un-paid (unemployed I guess!) week at home. I l-o-v-e being at home. Okay, so we have basically lost my wage, but it was low and really only paid for food and power weekly, if that. We'll survive fine! We are lucky being able to live off one income.

I'm amazed at how fast the days go - if I get laundry and something else done, I'm happy!

I've been sewing in ends off the sock wool blanket -

 Finished knitting these for an ex-workmate (who has left too). Gone in the post to her for some surprise happy mail -

Started another sock to match this one -
 And part way through another matching one -

 $3.50 bargains from an op shop. Yesterday I dropped off 39 items of clothing from my wardrobe , 11 bags and some pairs of shoes (honestly I just threw it in the bag if I had not worn it this year and then closed my eyes when I dropped it all off!) -
 Made big progress on this - boy cross stitching is slow sometimes! -
 one more row to sew in ends and seven more squares to knit -
 Ends sewed in so many dishcloths which have been hanging around for months and months.... -
 Found another sock for another ex-workmate, which only had about 5cm started, so I finished that this week too and will hopefully start and finish the next one soon -
 One of my tomato plants has a wilting disease. I'll throw it out -
 And the roses are doing well this spring. A tinge of pink in this one -

 same rose bush -

 And here we are today, Saturday. Knitting while cramming stuff into my head! Laundry outside flying around as windy today. House pretty tidy. Half of NZ is so mad about the election outcome - it has been very humourous to me. Lots think NZ is now doomed. It can only improve from the state it was heading towards! Happy 3 day weekend too kiwis!

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  1. I am feeling dizzy seeing all your progress! Enjoy unemployment, it can be a blessing, particularly if you chose to terminate employment yourself. New Zealand seems to be bucking the trend of the current shift towards nationalist right wing politics. You are are the lucky (or wise) ones, if anyone one ask for my opinion :-)