Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Just things

We are being hit with the most impressive thunder and fork lightning display. Right as schools are finishing for the day and the news is telling people not to leave any building... 

I've spent 3 hours at my old school day - took in the books I've donated and sat and covered them and got the students all excited as they thought I had returned for good.... sadly no.

I picked this up from the framers - I am so delighted with how it has been framed. Circles are a new thing to me in framing.

I was in Australia over the weekend (yes.. again....) and found a Muji (I've only ever been in a smaller Hong Kong one) and discovered this gorgeous thing...

I rather love it...
 And new stripey tees (I am mad on stripes!)
 And of course cheap as chips Muji stationery. Little things make me happy.
 Loving this blossom....

 And the one and only pic the just turned 14 year old would let me take on his birthday last week. ONE PHOTO !! I was *not* happy about that situation and not even one with me, but he would *not* allow it... sob, sob, sob.

A lovely surprise package from England of yummy biscuits (do read this book and the previous one - a total gem!)
 And another surprise package from Christina  - oh my. Lots and lots of yarny goodness - her sock yarn "scraps" - they re very generous balls! And such divine colours too. Along with some sweet fudge, which I am slowly nibbling away at each night. Thank you so much Christina. Her blog is just lovely and makes me smile and laugh.

 A sunset.
This is my first real whole week of freedom. The husband mentioned the "get clearing the clutter" phrase today... I will, I will (in my own time of course ;) ).

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  1. That was some storm we experienced, I came home to a pile of hail. Enjoy your time off, got to relax a little before you start all the decluttering.