Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 13 November 2017

Tea Cup and Mug exchange - what I received

I recently took part in Stephanie's tea and mug exchange.  In this exchange we send to different people, than whom we receive from. 
These are the two parcels which arrived at my house.

The first one was a very large box from USA from Shelly. The package had been opened by NZ customs and cleared, but I then discovered honey sticks, so they had to come and collect them. Importing honey is a big no no for our country. Shelly was rather dismayed, but it was fine.

Lovely linen, a magnetic K, jam
tea (new to me); a fab big mug, stationery and biscuits.
And a basket and a pencil case!

Next I received a lovely package from Susanna in Christchurch, who is only 13 years old! What a lovely surprise and how wonderful to be only 13 and receiving exciting packages in the post too. Such a gorgeous china set. I loved the fooze balls so much they have become a weekly item in my shopping trolley.
Love the colour and pattern. I love drinking out of bone china!

Another fabulous swap - I've a few signed up for including knitting a Christmas ornament, which is proving a bit frustrating as I'm not happy with my results so far! I'm a bit daunted by my very talented partner whose blog I love. Plenty of time for me to keep knitting tiny things though and hopefully I'll be satisfied with something to post it off.

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