Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Spring is on it's way...

My gosh the days are flying by! I've been enjoying watching my daffodils and tulips pop up - I planted these 2 days after Mum died.

Lots has been happening - I am VERY happy with my 5 day break from attending university starting tomorrow. But , boy oh boy, have I got A LOT of essays etc to write! We are down to our final 4 weeks on campus - it is scary to think how close the end of the year is! Then we have a final practicum  in a school.
BUT i've got a massive maths test coming up too, which gives me major anxiety - I am getting extra help at university - it is adding another huge layer of work on top of the normal work load and I am being pushed waaaaaay out of my comfort and happy zone, but it has to be done! Still learning is a great thing!

Hopefully I'll try and get back into a decent blogging thing! 

 A daily sight at university - it is stunning!

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  1. good luck at school and yay for your spring, maybe my fall season will arrive after another heat wave :)