Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Supermarket goals met!

Well... it is mighty obvious that I have done little university work this past week, as I have knitted 3 fruit/vege bags since Tuesday night. That includes knitting my way through a lecture (under the bench! to keep myself awake... two entire rows in front of me were working on their cvs.....)

And I did the shop this morning and was feeling stupidly proud using them for my onions, potatoes and mandarins.

I've the fourth on the needles right now and am making myself finish an assignment due this Monday, before I sit down and knit some more..... I think about 6-8 of the bags will be a good number. And I'm pretty sure a few friends would like some - they'd make a perfect birthday gift I think too (well in my books anyway!). It is good to use cotton from the stash too.

Rather addictive little things, but totally useful !!!

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  1. LOL I too have an assignment due Monday night, I must stay away from the craft room until it is done. Only 700 words to go