Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Well kind of! I just have to watch for two PASS words to appear on my transcript before I can get the masses of paper work off to the NZ Education Council.

Look at my transcript! I'm pretty bloody impressed with myself, especially after the year in which my dear Mum died and I still managed to pull it off! I found I work damn well under high stress.....

 After our final presentation, we walked up the road to the pub and had a glass of bubbles. This is me and my uni gang - these ladies have been my rock this year! They are all incredible. We've all got jobs bar one (who hasn't really started looking).

I've been having the time of my life pottering around home! It's awesome! We have all been on a high, but a couple of days after felt a bit deflated - I guess we've all been on adrenaline all year!! WHEW!

Today I'm going into my school to look at the library and help spend some money on books - so excited !!!!!

This has been such an incredibly HARD year, but I'm out the other side! YIPPEE. Need to treat myself somehow I think!


  1. Congratulations Kimberley, what a fantastic achievement. x

  2. Congratulations Kimberley, you sooooo deserve it after all your hard work and the stress of your Mum passing.
    Something fabulous to look forward to next year.


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