Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 29 November 2018


Battling to get the 15 year old out of the house every day now to attend his learning institution. Though I'm not really sure he learns much and still gets merit and excellence doing bugger all work. We have a week to go, with the usual "I'm not going to prizegiving/school on the last day of the year" (next Thursday). He wagged last year and actually got a social studies certificate (school is so big that only the major prizes are given at prizegiving and the subject runner ups get their certificates in form time).
But then I also look at it that my kids are hardly ever sick, they don't do sport and get to spend days/ weeks away from school doing sports stuff, so a day off here or there (and this one does get 2-3 days off a term just because really!) really does not matter. If they ever had me up, I'd just say the kid is BORED all round; has been for 2 years. And yeah extension classes won't work; he's already in the top stream and has lots of NCEA credits a year ahead, and he is lazy too. Pushing him to do stuff he does not want to do does not work either! SIGH.

Anyway, I am rather enjoying life. I swear yesterday was spend sorting paper work, getting stuff sent off to the NZ Education Council, Christmas cards and packages out, another knitting project started, a wee bit of stitching, writing in scrapbooks and a bit of online shopping (one of which has arrived less than 24 hours after ordering from half way down the country! Yay for TLeaf! Christmas Tea sorted!).

I was so lazy that I had my supermarket shop delivered to me - bit dismayed at the plastic bags, but I'm informed they are stopping in 5 weeks - yay. I have not used plastic for centuries!
 A gorgeous surprise box of peonies arrived yesterday - an early birthday gift (this weekend!) from my husband.

 I went to Why Knot - an outlet supermarket near my store and found lots of goodies from $0.30 to $2 for the birthday/treat box for school.
 We've been using Hello Fresh - I've actually cooked for 4 nights in a row people! That is HUGE - I've barely cooked all year! Will carry on, as everything we've had is well liked by everyone, which is no small miracle either! I actually think it is pretty good at $140 for 4 meals for 4-5 people (you truly do NOT want to know food prices in New Zealand - the UK and Australia are *CHEAP* to us kiwis! No Aldi here - only 2 supermarket conglomerates and not much choice! Most people I know spend $400 a week on food....)

And that's the mundane of my life - Christmas gift buying still needs to start, the spirit still needs to be found - actually i think all 5 of us could not even do Christmas year in, year out and we would not be bothered in any way......


  1. Wow! That is a lot of money to spend on food. We spend it on Health Insurance you have to spend it on food. I did think on my trip to UK that their food is cheaper than most food items in USA.


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