Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

It is the New Year in New Zealand. A glorious sunny day. No plans as yet for the day - we have new bunks to take out to the bach (holiday home) at Karekare - one of Auckland's west coast beaches. We will be out there for several days next week - with a new 2 nd bedroom , new bathroom and new kitchen , it will be a lot more family friendly for the 5 of us. I will admit that even though it is only about a 35 minute drive, I rarely go out there as I hate the drive with its windy roads and always get carsick. I also get very very bored going to the some place for a holiday. So if we go out for a few days, I still have to go elsewhere, otherwise it is not a holiday to me. I just do not understand holidays at the same place year after year at the same time when there is a whole world to see!

I made a cheesecake last night from an Annabel Langbein cookbook. Still to make the fruit mixture to go on top. We had meant to eat it lat night , but I started scrapbooking...
I only scrapbook several times a year and then usually do 50 plus pages over 2-3 weeks. Simple scrapbooking the Creative Memories style. I like white pages at the moment. At east with the fine weather, we can eat dinner outside, so the dining room table will be mine for a few weeks. I make a huge mess when scrapping!

And the sock knitting continues too. Nice and easy to knit in summer! I have nearly finished a pair in 2-3 weeks!

Photos of the city from Devonport the other night jut before we got back on the ferry.

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