Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 30 December 2012

Mix and match days

We are enjoying the lazy days between Christmas and New Year. We have been chopping down trees, weeding gardens and planting a whole new one with hedge plants alongside one side of the house (inspiration from neighbourhood walks) and more vege planting.
I have been writing many letters (if anyone wants another pen friend I am it!), knitting my 3rd sock in a month (woo hoo - Kieran wanted socks for Christmas - I started a few days before Christmas and have nearly finished the 2 nd one!!) - I find sock knitting fab in summer - not too much wool! - and carrying on with my Miffy cross- stitch bought in The Netherlands 15 months ago. Very close to finishing it! A bit of reading - Michael Morpurgo biography and Rutherford's New York as well as Kate de Goldi's ACB with Honora Lee. (what a divine book with gorgeous illustrations too!) And a few board games with the boys. And loading stuff onto Trade Me too.
Lazy days. Boys doing their own thing a lot of the time. It has been stinking humidity which we have all struggled with especially at night!

We did a ferry ride over to Devonport last night - a sweet seaside village only a 10 minute ferry ride for the city. Great wool shop (pity we arrived too late for the shops and the library which we can now use being the big super city) and we always have fish and chips. Last night the fish shop had run out of fish! They were still busy! What I hadn't realised was that the township had been yarn bombed! It took me a few lamp posts to realise. I am glad I had my camera on me! It was amazing and inspiring! Gorgeous! Many photos later the boys were moaning - ha!
Well worth a visit and there are lots of great shops - awesome bookshops too - and a good playground too.

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  1. The woolly poles look really awesome! Devonport looks very beautiful and idyllic.

    Happy New Year! x