Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Perhaps my motto for the year should be to finish things...

I have finished the adult kina I started late last year - I LOVE it! Such an easy easy knit! I knitted it in a gorgeous 10 ply Takhi yarns in the colour Rio. The wool is made in Peru for Takhi, an American yarn company. Since i am such a loose knitter , i knitted this 2 needle sizes below what the pattern stated - perfect think! The wool was bought at the absolutely amazing wool shop "Crafty Knitwits" in Milford, Auckland . (I suggest you take a week's wages there ... Or maybe not! I was horrified at what I spent there..................).

I will wear this all year round - thought it would be a great summer knit but YIKES the humidity has been a killer this year! We have had the most amazing summer with high temps for Auckland (no where near as bad as poor Australia and their awful bush fires !) but the humidity has knocked me! Finally bought a fan today. We do have air con in the lounge but I have loved having all the windows and doors open in the newish bedroom/ lounge etc, so have hardly turned it on.

I have knitted a bundle of dishcloths these past few weeks ( started at cricket matches!) using Rhonda Hetzel's pattern from her gorgeous "Down to Earth" book - if there is a book to buy , it is this one! I can get 3 dishcloths from 2 balls of Panda cotton at $5.90 a ball - the lovely lame green is an organic cotton from England. They make such a cheap gift! (pity I know so many people who would hate these....... ). Just need to sew in ends now.

And tomorrow I hope to finish my Miffy cross stitch bought from the Dick Bruna Miffy Museum in Utrecht in The Netherlands on our October 2011 trip.

Any plans to finish things this year?

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